Occupational medicine

Every business employer or structure that employs at least one contracted employee (or equivalent) has to adopt the measures necessary for the safety and health of its workforce.

CDS can provide a service that is complete, flexible and tailored to the needs of each client, assisting it in meeting all the technical, administrative and bureaucratic requirements relating to prevention, safety and environment issues in the workplace.

CDS works with its clients in an effective and timely manner both to ensure that obligations are complied with and to respond to meet individual requests, mainly through check-ups at its own health centre.

CDS’s occupational health physicians work in synergy with the employer with a focus on improving safety in the workplace, and reducing accidents and the incidence of occupational diseases.
Activities include:
01. Workplace inspections together with the head of the prevention and risk protection service for controlling workers’ exposure to risk factors (art. 17 para. 1 point B).
02. Assessment by the occupational health physician of the risk assessment document.
03. Drafting of the healthcare supervision plan.
04. Programming and conducting of healthcare supervision using appropriate healthcare protocols.
05. Issuing certificates of fitness (art. 14 para. 1 point C).
06. Preparation, updating and custody of the medical file for every worker subject to healthcare supervision, held by the employer (art 17 para. 1 point D).
07. Participation in the annual meeting on safety, convened by the employer (art 11 para. 1 point C) and assistance in determining and implementing the measures to safeguard workers’ health (art. 17 para. 1 point A) and participation in the regular meetings with the head of the prevention and risk protection service, the employer and the workers’ representative for health matters (art. 35 Legislative Decree 81/08).
08. Assisting the employer in preparing and implementing measures to safeguard health, in training and information, and in the organization of the first-aid service.
09. Information to workers on the healthcare supervision they are under.
10. Information to workers interested in the results of the healthcare supervision.

Thanks to its professionalism and competence, CDS srl ensures compliance with the healthcare requirements necessary for issuing the judgement of medical fitness:
– Preventive and routine medical check-up performed by a qualified occupational health physician (as per Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments – Legislative Decree 106/2009)
– Screening for sharpness of vision, vision test (mainly required for employees working with video terminals)
– Eye tests (also performed at the company or in our mobile units)
– Spirometric screening (spirometry)
– Audiometric screening (audiometry)
– Drug tests for healthcare confirmation of the absence of drug addiction or use of drugs and psychotropic substances (ex-measure n. C.U. 99/2007)
– Diagnostic testing to verify absence of alcohol and alcoholism
– ECG, standard and exercise stress testing (cycloergometry)
– Blood chemistry lab tests (including taking of biological samples by our professional nurses)
– Additional specialist exams as necessary for all main medical specializations
– Supplementary diagnostic exams as necessary, such as ultrasound, x-ray, electromagnetic resonance, electromyography, echodoppler, otoscopy, etc.