Born out of specialist medical competence
CDS was founded in Brescia in 1992 with the clear objective of standing out in terms of the quality of its services in the field of occupational medicine and healthcare supervision. A key distinguishing feature is that the company is the fruit of the professionalism of specialist physicians committed to creating a structure of excellence. From the outset, the core aim of CDS has been to provide the best service in the field of occupational healthcare, prevention and safety.

National-level activity and standing
In over 20 years of activity, the founding partners of CDS have constantly promoted the issues of safety and health in the workplace, building and strengthening an authoritativeness of national standing. The services have been developed to help our clients, be they businesses of public bodies, meet not only their legal obligations, but also to promote and encourage a true culture of health and well-being. This is an investment that translates into concrete advantages for the client: from improvement in health prevention levels in companies to a higher degree of satisfaction among the workforce.

A recognized commitment
CDS is a “physician-owned undertaking” with a specific authorization from the local health authority for occupational medicine. It is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. Moreover, CDS is authorized to operate on the Lombardy Region’s Sintel platform. In addition, it works synergically with Italy’s leading universities and university sports medicine specialization schools. These consolidated synergies contribute actively to ensuring a high “standard of prevention, safety and quality”, as also required by Legislative Decree no. 81, effective as of 15 May 2008.

Method and organization
The CDS work programme includes regular and systematic checks (audits) that improve corporate management of environmental, safety and prevention aspects. This auditing helps CDS to ensure that companies receive information in a timely fashion on all regulatory issues, and one of its strengths is that of finding practical solutions to them, working together with the company/organization, also with preventive actions.