For years, CDS has engaged in training the employees of companies, organizations and public bodies, at all levels (managers, supervisors, workers, maintenance personnel, fire teams and first-aid teams), using targeted training plans as per regulations.

The occupational health physicians of CDS also assist employers in organizing first-aid services.

Furthermore, CDS has developed a network of partners who are highly qualified in providing training on prevention and occupational medicine. This enables it to organize and stage courses using expert trainers and the approaches most appropriate for the company and the participants.

Training can be conducted either at CDS in its classrooms or at clients premises:
– Workplace first-aid courses (groups A, B and C)
– Prevention and risk protection service courses(low, medium and high risk)
– Courses for workers’ representatives for health and safety matters
– Workplace fire prevention courses (low, medium and high risk)
– Training of employees (on the basis of the State-Regions Agreement)
– Training of managers and supervisors (on the basis of the State-Regions Agreement)
– Specific training courses on safety issues, with preparation of tailored brochures
– Employee training courses on risks linked to specific tasks.