A team that combines competence, seriousness and balance
CDS uses a team of physicians specialized in occupational medicine, professional nurses and healthcare technicians. They are not only very highly qualified, they also share the company’s mission: high-quality dialogue and truly professional conduct, such that healthcare supervision is effective in ensuring preventive healthcare for workers.

Ongoing exchange of experiences
All the medical personnel are in direct contact with CDS’s managers, and they work as a team, not only to ensure the provision of healthcare services and the consulting services needed in order to meet legal obligations, but also to implement specialist expertise focused on continuously improving the service for safeguarding the health of workers in the workplace.

Strict protocols applied with sense and passion
The reading and recording of biostatistical data and the application of the preventive measures that follow healthcare supervision are conducted according to specific protocols, in such a way that both the employees and the employers are truly safeguarded. Sound medical sense and professional passion ensure effective responses that are timely and targeted to every specific need.