Work-related stress: what is it?

The European Agreement on Stress at Work of 8 October 2004, to which Legislative Decree 81/08 refers, states that “stress is a state, which is accompanied by physical, psychological or social complaints or dysfunctions and which results from individuals feeling unable to bridge a gap with the requirements or expectations placed on them.”

What factors cause work-related stress?

Not all indications of stress at work may be related to work itself. Indeed, stress caused by reasons outside work may lead to a decline in work performance. The factors that cause work-related stress may be linked to both the content of the work and its organization: poor communication, job insecurity, physical or social isolation, too much or too little work, shifts that are too long or that affect social rhythms …

Is it necessary to assess work-related stress?

Legislative Decree 81/08 specifies the obligation for employers to assess the risks linked to work-related stress. Further details are available in the Ministry of Labour Circular of 18 November 2010.

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